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Large Selection of CBD Products

We offer Priority mail shipping

For CBD enter Cannabidiol 

All of our CBD is the Real Thing. 

We scrutinize every product to make sure we are State of Florida compliant

and have Third Party Testing for all CBD products

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Our Store
Achieve Balance Naturally
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The most powerful CBD oils available.

10,000mg  -  5000mg  -  3000mg  in 30ml Bottle

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Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere - But it works for me.

Stops mosquito and noseeums itch right away.

New Stuff

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New CBD just in. R+R Medicinals 1000mg and 2500mg Full Spectrum. 1000mg Broad Spectrum = 0 THC. Great price point.
1000mg  49.99
2500mg  99.99
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+Shrooms is an artisan line of enhanced functional mushroom formulas. Fused with natural ingredients like L-Theanine and Elderberry with mushrooms that have been a pillar of Chinese medicine for centuries and created a variety of target function support products. The innovative, oil-based blends are a product of a proprietary three phase extraction process that utilizes both the alcohol soluble and fat-soluble components of ingredients for maximum absorption and enhanced results.

Helios Topical Spray Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg

Helios Spot Therapy + CBD for localized acute or chronic areas. Our topical essential oils combine to make 22 powerful botanical compounds with six essential oils and 2500mg/oz of "Certified Pure" CBD (no THC). Fast, deep penetration relaxes muscles & calms nerves for more relief. Effective for back, neck, knees, hips, headache, cramping, shim splints, poison ivy, rashes, bug bites, bee stings, sinus congestion, and more.
1oz Spray (30ml) has 2500mg CBD and yields 200 sprays at 12.5mg CBD/spray

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CBD Living Water Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg
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Versatile Hemplucid CBD Isolate Water Soluble tincture combines CBD Isolate and natural hemp terpenes in our fastest-acting sublingual formulation. Mixes well with drinks and other liquids. Isolate = No detectable THC. Perfect for zero tolerance situations. Hemp Lucid is a premium CBD company.


Rest 25 CBD Gummies MotherEarth Key Larg

Receptra REST for Nightime
25mg Gummies

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Love Drops

Tincture Love Drops 30ml 500MG is a 30ml bottle of tasty berry flavored Nano amplified CBD tincture that can provide a boost to the sex drive with every use.

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1500mg CBG Drops

Bio Spectrum Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg

Bio Spectrum 1:1
Liquid Gummies

1500mg Delta 8 + 1500 mg CBD


ZVARIN Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg

ZVARIN is an Appetite Suppressant

THCV is a well-studied appetite suppressant, which may offer relief for people experiencing obesity. Some research indicates that low doses (5 to 7.5 milligrams) can reduce appetite by inhibiting the action of CB1 receptors. Other research, such as this study by the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, suggests that THCV may be an effective weight-loss compound because it improves connectivity in the areas of the brain that are generally altered in people with obesity.

cbdMD Lidocaine MotherEarth Key Largo C.

cbdMD product

Premium RELIEVE 3000mg CBD


Roll-on and Spray

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True Leaf Calming Mother Earth Key Largo

If you have pets that become stressed during thunderstorms or fireworks we have a Calming Support called True Leaf that can help.


Contains L-Theanine, Chamomile, Lemon Balm.

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CBD CBG Lollipops Mother Earth Key Largo
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The Verde Patch with Cobra Venom!  100mg CBD + 50mcg Cobra Venom + 500mg Turmeric.  Today in Traditional Chinese Medicine, cobra venom sees its application mainly to control pain. Specially designed to slowly release nutrients throughout the day or night (up to 8 hours).

One Verde patch contains 100mg of CBD per patch. If you’d like to lessen the dosage you can cut the patch in half or quarters.

Sold in 6pack = 600mg CBD   For only 29.99

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Crystals Crystals Crystals
Mother Earth carries more crystals and stones than anyone in the Upper Keys


3CHI Vape Cartridges

Delta 8 vape cartridges

we also carry D8 disposable vape pens, D8 Gummies and D8 Flower

Island Girl pre rolls Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg

New: Island Girl 100mg Delta8 pre-rolls

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Cosmic Gecko Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg
Cosmic Gecko is our line of CBD Pre-Rolls and CBD Flower. Made from only Premium Hemp Flower
Hemp Flower Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg

Mother Earth has the largest selection of Flower & Pre-Rolls in The Keys
Flower & Pre Rolls have a high CBDa content that may help with pain control

Pre Rolls Cosmic Gecko Mother Earth Key
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CBD Nano Mist Inhaler Mother Earth Key L

CBD Nano Mist Inhalers

CBD Meets Design and Technology

Our new CBD Nano Mist Inhaler delivers maximum bioavailability and smooth, long-lasting effects.

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Suth CBD Mints

For pricing see products page


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FARMa Infused CBD Gummies

The CBD is infused throughout the entire gummy

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Mountan Mud Sunscreen.jpg

All Natural Mountain Mud, Reef Safe Sunscreen. Complies with Key West sunscreen standards and has 200mg of CBD. Zinc Oxide 35spf.   Only at Mother Earth.

See Products Page for Pricing


Premium Aroma Oils

Premium Aroma Oils


CBD Vapes

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Vape Batteries Mother Earth Key Largo.jpg

Vape Batteries

Shasta Sage at Mother Earth Key

Sage Smudge & Palo Santo

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Beautiful Hand Blown custom pipes - no 2 the same

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We offer Priority mail shipping

CBD Lolli Pops

For Pets Too

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Reggae Shark
BB8 Grinder
Mystic Stuff
Water Fountain
Mother Earth at Night